In the heart of Colmar, France

A new store opened

A story of enduring craftsmanship and resilience unfolds at Franck Ebstein, a textile specialist embodying a remarkable legacy of 150 years. 

Among the oldest family-owned stores in Colmar, it stands as a beacon of tradition, family values, and exceptional quality.

So we begin with

A Love Story

The Franck Ebstein saga began in 1873, a tale of love and entrepreneurship. 

Jean Franck and Miss Ebstein's marriage marked the inception of more than a familial union; it was the birth of a business that would transcend generations.

The establishment of the Franck Ebstein store on rue des Serruriers marked the beginning of an extraordinary journey.

A helping hand

Enduring though times

Catherine Allouche, the great-granddaughter of Jean Franck, takes over the family’s history with pride and reverence.

Her father, Georges Franck, deeply entrenched in the store’s operations, was sent to the Nazis’ Labour camps during World War II.

He miraculously survived Auschwitz, a harrowing experience that saw the tragic loss of twenty-seven family members.

Moving through generations

The third generation

After World War II, Georges Franck, a man of resilience and fortitude, returned to run his store's legacy.

He married Alice Bloch, merging her family's business, Les Chemises Parisiennes, with Franck Ebstein, creating a new chapter in the store's history.

Together, they were the store's pillars until Alice's passing in 1985, with Georges retiring two years later.

Condimentum fames egestas ad potenti

A refresh

In 1972, a new era began with Catherine Franck and her husband, Jean-Marie Allouche, taking over. They infused the business with fresh ideas while maintaining its core values. 

This is the final one for now

The fifth generation

Their stewardship prepared the ground for the next generational shift in 2012 when their son Emmanuel took the reins. 

Emmanuel brought to Franck-Ebstein a blend of respect for tradition and a keen eye for contemporary trends.

He has been instrumental in maintaining the store’s reputation for high-quality textiles, ensuring that traditional practices like taking measurements for home linens and draperies are upheld.

A Legacy of Community and Family

Franck-Ebstein is more than a store; it's a community landmark, a gathering place for generations of families who have trusted its quality and service. 

The store has witnessed countless changes in Colmar and has adapted to meet the evolving needs of its customers while remaining true to its heritage.

The relationship between the store and the community is symbiotic.

Just as the store has been a constant in the lives of many Colmar residents, their patronage and loyalty have been integral to the store's longevity. This mutual respect and support reflect Franck-Ebstein's deep roots in the community.