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Large Beach Towels

Large Beach Towels

€29,90 EUR
Immerse yourself in unparalleled comfort with this generously sized 90x170 cm towel, perfect for all your seaside escapades. Crafted from premium 100% cotton, our towel not only offers a plush,...

Eco Friendly Luxury Bath Mat

€19,90 EUR
Transform your bathroom into a spa-like sanctuary with our luxurious bath mat. Made from 100% natural, Oeko-Tex certified cotton. It pampers your feet with plush comfort while being gentle on...

Checkered Linen Tablecloth

From €64,90 EUR
Welcome to a world where functionality meets elegance. Our 100% linen tablecloth, made from premium European Flax, is designed to elevate your dining experience. Not just a dining accessory but...

Linen Cushion Covers

From €10,00 EUR
Our 100% Linen Cushion Covers bring a sense of elegance to your home. Crafted in the finest textile traditions, these decorative cushions for bedrooms are woven from high-grade linen, offering...
Eco Friendly Down Pillow - Franck Ebstein

Natural Down and Feathers Pillow for Stomach Sleepers (Soft)

€89,90 EUR
Pillow for Face Down Sleepers: Embrace the Softness Dive into the embrace of our soft pillow for stomach sleeping. The marriage of a fluffy down and a smooth cover delivers...
Eco Friendly Down Pillow - Franck Ebstein

Natural Down and Feathers Pillow for Side Sleepers (Medium)

€79,90 EUR
Meet the perfect middle ground –  our side sleeper down pillow. Filled with a balanced mix of 30% fine feathers and 70% down, it offers medium support, making it suitable...
Organic Lip Balm - Franck Ebstein

L:A Bruket Organic Lip Balm

€16,90 EUR
Discover the ultimate solution to chapped and dry lips with L:A Bruket Natural Lip Balm, meticulously formulated with 100% natural ingredients to provide your lips with the nourishment and protection...

Vichy Linen Kitchen Towels

€9,90 EUR
Luxurious 100% Linen Kitchen Towel in vichy pattern- Ideal for all your kitchen chores, from drying dishes to wiping spills. Crafted with eco-friendly linen fabric, contributing to a sustainable lifestyle. 100%...

Washed Sateen Fitted Sheet

From €49,00 EUR
 Forget chasing trends, true luxury is about feeling amazing every night. Our 100% Washed Cotton Sateen Fitted Sheet is like sinking into a cloud – the perfect blend of soft and...

Washed Sateen Flat Sheet

From €69,00 EUR
 Weekend vibes calling? Imagine curling up with a good book, a steaming mug of tea, and the silky-soft embrace of our luxurious 100% washed cotton sateen flat sheet. This isn't...

Washed Sateen Duvet Cover

From €64,90 EUR
 Long day? Climb into bed and sink into the whisper-soft embrace of our Washed Sateen Duvet Cover. Made from the finest cotton, it's smooth and soft, with a relaxed look...

Washed Sateen Pillowcase

€24,90 EUR
Craving hotel-worthy softness? Our Washed Sateen Pillowcase is the answer. Imagine drifting off on a pillow so soft, it feels like a luxurious secret. Pre-washed for ultimate comfort, this dream...

Checkered Linen Apron

€49,90 EUR
Experience Natural Comfort with our cross back linen Apron 100% Natural Linen - Crafted from 100% stone-washed natural linen for a comfortable and lightweight feel. Japanese Design - Features cross back straps...
Labruket Room Diffuser - Coriander - Franck Ebstein

L:A Bruket Room Diffuser - Coriander

€79,90 EUR
L:A Bruket Coriander Home Fragrance - Transform Your Space Fresh Herbal Scent with Mint Natural Rattan Reeds 200ml 5 months duration Eco-friendly solvents Our room diffuser is anchored in sustainability,...
Labruket Room Diffuser - Tabac - Franck Ebstein

L:A Bruket Room Diffuser - Tabac

€79,90 EUR
L:A Bruket Tabac Home Fragrance - Masculine and Oriental Ambiance Cedar and Musk Essence 200ml  5 months duration Eco-friendly solvents Dive into the depth of sophistication with Labruket's Tabac Room...
Labruket Room Diffuser - Hinoki - Franck Ebstein

L:A Bruket Room Diffuser - Hinoki

€79,90 EUR
L:A Bruket Hinoki Home Fragrances - Serenity in Every Breath Woody, Fresh, and Spicy Aroma With Nutmeg & Cedarwood 200ml 5 months duration Eco-friendly solvents Delve into a world where...
Labruket Hand and Body Wash Refill - Bergamot / Patchouli - Franck Ebstein

L:A Bruket Hand and Body Wash Refill - Bergamot / Patchouli

€49,90 EUR
L:A Bruket Hand and Body Wash Refill - Bergamot/Patchouli Naturally Moisturizing 1000ml Soothing Citrus and Woody Scent The combination of bergamot and patchouli essential oils delivers a relaxing, woody, and...
Labruket Hand and Body Wash Refill - Sage / Rosemary / Lavender - Franck Ebstein

L:A Bruket Hand and Body Wash Refill - Sage / Rosemary / Lavender

€49,90 EUR
L:A Bruket Sage/Rosemary/Lavender Hand and Body Wash Refill Relaxing Herbal Aroma 1000ml Gentle & Moisturizing The soothing blend of lavender, rosemary, and sage essential oils offers a calming herbal aroma,...
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