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Natural Down and Feathers Pillow for Stomach Sleepers (Soft)

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Size: 50x70

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Pillow for Face Down Sleepers: Embrace the Softness

Dive into the embrace of our soft pillow for stomach sleeping. The marriage of a fluffy down and a smooth cover delivers a VIP experience night after night for those who prefer the face-down slumber position.

Quality and Comfort Tailored for Stomach Sleepers - Our stomach pillows are a testament to uncompromised quality. Filled with mature down and feathers sourced from ethical husbandry, they are crafted to deliver nothing short of a comfortable and restorative sleep.

Oeko-Tex Pillows - Adhering to sustainable practices, our Oeko-Tex stomach pillows are constructed from 100% natural, renewable resources, ensuring our production process remains as environmentally friendly as the sleep you enjoy.

Hypoallergenic Comfort - Suitable for even those sensitive to house dust mites, our hypoallergenic stomach sleeping pillow is soft on the skin and fosters a restful, allergen-free environment.

Durability Meets Luxury - Drawing on over a century of expertise, our pillows are designed for durability. Enjoy a lasting healthy sleep with our long-service-life pillows. 

Our commitment to quality ensures that each pillow for stomach sleeper pillow offers a peaceful, indulgent night’s sleep, leaving you refreshed each morning.

Transform your sleep with our soft, sustainable, and skin-friendly pillows, and experience the difference of a night spent in pure, unadulterated comfort.


Wash at a maximum of 60°C using only gentle or down detergent. Always dry in the dryer, adding dryer balls.

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